Anyone else not enjoying this patch

Quite simply put current games are snowballing out of control sub 15 minutes. Any mid to late game champs are irrelevant at this point. In addition, this new patch has almost eliminated the adc role which is instead being played by bruisers. I personally don't find it fun winning or losing when games are decided within the first 10 minutes. I truly enjoy playing league but the current state of the game I don't find to be fun. Every game feels scripted....winning bot lane takes turret gets first brick gold then rotates to take herald takes another turret and the snowball is too far gone for the opposing team to have any counter play. Add in the nerfs to baron and the snowballing team takes baron at 20 minutes and there is little to no chance for losing teams to make any type of comeback. I'm not claiming to have any great solutions just seeing what the community thinks, I personally don't find the current state of the game fun winning or losing at this point.
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