I think I know why everyone hates yasuo now.

I was playing on my alt and finally I get the one good yasuo player.... Or so I thought. Anyway he went 6/1, roamed, and continued to snowball. He was unstopable. He got to 10/2 and it was at that point that I decided he was one of those good yasuo players. Then when everyone got their items, things went south. he goes into 4 of them constantly and dies. Ends the game at 12/6. I told him to group with us, which he didn't. He wasn't toxic or anything, just extremely cocky. This whole situation got me thinking that the reason people hate yasuo is because in the hands of a good yasuo player, which is uncommon, he can be extremely useful. But he tends to hog all the kills to himself even in that situation. In the hands of a moderate yasuo player, he can get fed, but the player is still subject to low elo mistakes, like what I described above. And in the hands of a bad yasuo player, he goes in 1v5 even though he's 0/5.
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