Riot, an honest discussion

Vision- one of the most important parts of the game. First, wards were removed and we were left with our trinkets and sightstones. Now sightstone was removed. This was done in the name of supports having more options for items? Removing 3 items from the game somehow gives you more options? Removing sightstone and making you complete a mission to be able to have vision means if you’re behind, you will stay behind and have no potential because you can never see the enemy team. It means that because on a tank support, you now need to farm to get vision for your team. If you play a tank support and you roam to assist mid lane, you could end up worse off than your enemy support in terms of sightstone completion. Please consider adding it back. This was one of the biggest reasons I stopped playing for a long time. It just felt like it didn’t make sense st all. I’m not here to say “oh season x was way better they have to go back to be good old days” because some of the changes have been good. I don’t like new nunu but he is a good champion and it was a good rework and I love the fact that you left old nunubot laugh in. Banner of command was a fun item but was hard to balance, so I understand that. The map keeps getting cooler looking especially around worlds. The cursor was changed, sadly, but there is a way to get it back because you know old players may be set in their ways. Riot, all I’m asking is for you to seriously consider sightstone being put back into the game and stop being set in “well we removed it so we can’t bring it back in”
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