Tips for Jhin?

I'm thinking of trying another adc rather than {{champion:67}} because she sucks ass early game, and after watching imaqtpie play a couple games as {{champion:202}} and i was like "Hey, this champion looks kinda fun. Im gonna try him out." So I did, and I really like him for his early game and he just feels really smooth for me. Oh, and ult is soooooo damn fun. However, I'm not very good with him. I've played like 5 or 6 games or whatever, so I dont have much experience with him, but I still would just like some tips for him and how to time his passive, where to place his traps (E), which supports go well with him, his items and runes (although i looked on mobafire and found some pretty good stuff I just want the suggestions from this lovely community), etc. Any help is appreciated. thank you!

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