Pro Players Can Barely Make Aatrox Playable...

FNC (Bwipo Aatrox) VS MSF (Febiven Ryze) Highlights - 2019 LEC Spring W8D1
Fnatic VS Misfits Full Replay :
Up to 1:22 he does good because he got some lucky hits early before Renek had his defensives up. @ 1:22 you can blatantly see just how useless Aatrox truly is. All that damage and his ult and he can't stick to anyone, his animations don't hit, his damage suffers, and he's just a punching bag who can't do shit. He lived because they stupidly went for Lissandra who was miles away by that point. Renekton, AGAIN misplayed and was stupid. @ 2:00 he gets a double with massive assistance from his team and they could've easily turned on him when he followed alone through the jungle. He misses his second Q and can't catch anyone. He comes back into mid lane to steal a secured kill.... oooo aaaahhh much pro such wow. @2:25 Again, massively bad positioning on his enemies part and his team followed up while enemy was like "DUH... WTF HAPPEN?!" @3:02 more evidence Aatrox's lane was super easy. Skill on his part was less effective than the incompetence of his opponent. @3:15 misses what should have been an easy W and first Q, fails to his 3 easy targets on the second Q since he no longer has a second dash charge (go figure), out right goes on to miss that 3rd Q, having done zero damage for the duration of the fight thus far. What a complete waste. Immediately manages a W in the cluster fuck that the enemy almost got out of, wastes ult just to live while his team is down a whole player for the duration. Did I mention he missed all his damage at point blank range? Goes back in after ult, cleans up a secured kill that his team worked their asses off to get, fumbles around some more eatings poke while his team does the work. @3:46 misses another easy Q @4:02 His Sej catches out Renek, who again is incompetent, takes him to 50% before Aatrox even gets there. HE MISSED Q AGAIN. Doesn't even get assist. @4:15 Pops ult to 2v5 Baron, gutsy but risky. First Q does nothing, W and second Q miss (walked our of or flashed out of so easily). Nobody cc's him, he only gets 3rd Q off cause they were on CD and clusterfucked in the river. They can easily afford to let his ult fall off, he's not in any danger of killing them cause he can't deliver his damage, cause he's Aatrox. Wastes ult and loses GA, DOES manage to save Baron, and I won't deny he NEEDED all that stuff to make it possible, but it's ridiculous just how ineffective his actual damage and abilities are for being this "diver" "all in" champion. @4:35 His team is there, locking down the enemy team with their cc, he gets up and just throws things at them. Once again, Aatrox wasn't the one doing damage, his cc is laughably easy to get away from, and even in that cluster fuck the target he threw W on still got away, and they get Renek cause he's terrible. @4:53 Manages to land a good Q and W aaaand they dash right out. Second Q hits nothing, his dash is on CD and useless yet again. he then turns back on baron, misses the next 3 Q's on Renekton while his team does everything. @5:16 pops ult into a fresh team fight under their tower, not a bad idea. Manages to hit first Q thanks to the cc from his team. autos a couple people and blows last Q trying to kill steal. Succeeds in getting a kill that was a straggler. Renekton again far back by Nexus playing with himself. All this video did was show case just how useless Aatrox really is. he cannot deliver his damage, his team fight should ROCK but it sucks, he can't stick to targets despite 3 knock ups, a root and dash and steroid ult. He kill steals and that's supposed to be pro play? I FULLY UNDERSTAND IT'S A TEAM GAME AND HE'S ON A PROFESSIONAL TEAM but really look at his fights outside Renekton. I have no doubt he's a great player but the CHAMPION itself is so fucking neutered that it takes a pro player to make him DO anything... Look at Faker get bodied at dragon pit. Most champions would be able to do something but not Aatrox. Aatrox winrates; (down from 47% as early as today) (he can't sustain in the jungle nor gank so this is a no brainer) Champions Riot says aren't too strong; Riven Illaoi Nasus Gangplank Yorick Jax Irelia Aatrox went from S tier to E tier in one fucking patch; I don't know what more needs to be said. He's terrible. He needs a revert. he needs HELP.
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