Towers are hilariously weak

It's been said before, and I'll say it again. Towers need help. I mean, does fortification even exist on them anymore? If it does, it really is rubbish. Towers die way too easily, and also do no damage at all. The inhib turrets and nexus turrets need to be stronger. A lot stronger. I know that old mechanic of theirs back in like season 5 where they would consistently damage a champion was quite weird, but at least they were useful for defending against dives. But come on Riot, turrets are so weak it's actually quite funny. They're as weak as a tank Janna standing still. I think one pretty cool solution would be that every turret closer to the base is much stronger than the one before it. So the outer turret in a lane is relatively weak (hopefully not as weak as it is now) but as you get to the nexus turrets, it's a real pain to deal with them. Soooooo, yeah. What do you think?
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