What Are You Doing Riot!!

I’m convinced that Riot team doesn’t know what to do with their champions. What did y’all REALLY do to Aatrox You reworked him, cool. Then they nerf him, then they nerf him some more, and some more, then buffed him and now y’all gut him to the point that I’d rather play a cannon minion or even Kog’maw (basically the same thing). How could y’all take “The resurrecting world ender” and reduce him to something so weak that one would resort to playing him full tank with GA, cause at this point it’s either that or playing a super minion. Nerfing a champ is one thing but taking away what makes that champion the champion they are is something totally different. Fix it not fuck it up @Riot. Next y’all gonna be taking away Yasuo’s tornado and making his ult ONLY stun or taking away Zoe’s ability to pick up spells or Kass’ ability to void jump or LB’s ability to use spells twice..... See where I’m comin from, fix ya shit Riot

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