Enchanters are not the problem, ADCs themselves are

While I do agree that {{item:3504}} is definitely far too strong an item right now, as it has been for months now, one thing I think many overlook is the fact that ADCs themselves are far too strong. I will explain why. ADCs are supposed to be a fragile, yet devastating class, capable of dishing out immense amounts of damage if untouched. This makes sense from a design perspective, just as tanks are almost precisely the opposite: they bring heavy CC and durability, but they sacrifice their own damage for it. Of course tanks need to deal SOME damage, so as to remain somewhat threatening. Looking at it this way, tanks are relatively balanced power-wise. Their role makes sense, they are healthy (most of the time). High CC and defense, but low damage. Like in a cart racing game, some characters have high acceleration, but low speed, while others have high speed, but poor acceleration or turning. This makes the game balanced, because there is no all around class, they each have their strengths and weaknesses, each is good for certain tracks, and performs poorly on others. However, I would argue that this is not the case with ADCs. ADCs are meant to be a low durability and CC, but very high damage class. They should rely on their team to protect them, to allow them to do their main job; deal damage. Yet this is not what we see. Many ADCs have ways to protect themselves, either via mobility or CC, or sometimes even both ({{champion:67}}). Taking all ADCs into account, I would roughly rate their CC capability at around 4 out of 10. I think this is far too high. Sure, {{champion:22}}'s ultimate is pretty much the core of her identity, and as a skillshot it's quite balanced (except it's ridiculous hitbox). Nonetheless, ADCs shouldn't have that many tools to defend themselves. {{champion:18}} is the biggest offender here, having both a knockback AND a jump, which can be reset quite easily. On top of that, ADCs can tap into far greater survivability than they ought to be able to access. Lifesteal. While this isn't in my opinion a HUGE problem, it can lead to extremely frustrating moments, where an ADC is able to pretty much facetank any incoming damage. Of course, if they are not CC'ed and focused down quickly, this makes some sense that they should be able to do that. But when a lone ADC can out-lifesteal an assassin's burst, given that they are roughly equal item-wise, this becomes an issue. Most notably {{champion:119}} with {{item:3812}} comes to mind, but this is mostly due to the item itself, rather than the champion, I will admit. One solution to this could be simply reducing lifesteal's effectiveness on critical strikes. Speaking of critical strikes, unhealthy as the concept itself is, I think crit is FAR too easily accessible a stat right now. It makes no sense to me that zeal items which give MORE crit chance than {{item:3031}} are also cheaper. Zeal items should be easily accessible, yes, but they should not be the main source of crit. {{item:3031}} should be as expensive as {{item:3089}}, and give more crit chance, say 40%, while zeal items should all give maybe 20% each. Anyway, all these things combined allow ADCs, a champion class which is supposed to be extremely team reliant to perform well in positions they were not meant for. {{champion:236}} mid or top, {{champion:42}} mid, {{champion:29}} and {{champion:81}} jungle, etc. ADCs should be far, far weaker without their team's protection. A lone ADC splitpushing without vision should almost NEVER be able to come out on top of an assassin's ambush, for example. They should not be able to simply facetank an entire team's focus, or "outplay" a 1v5. They should be far more fragile than they are right now, barely surviving a 1v1 lane or in the jungle, relying heavily on their team's protection. This is the inherent problem with this class, {{item:3504}} just adds insult to injury.
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