Akali as a melee assassin is beating bruisers top lane

http://champion.gg/champion/Akali/Top?league= damn I wish I could trade with her. W negates all return damage as she can use cds on you and then use W. 9 seconds. fantastic gameplay. 53% winrate top lane. an assassin that builds full damgae and is melee. is allowed to perform better top lane than bruisers and juggernauts fucking xd Riot no longer balances for solo queue. this isn't saying that she is op. or melee bruisers are weak. but this just doesn't make any sense. she shouldn't be outperforming bruisers top that belong there while also being a decent mid laner. what happened to the triangle also talon shouldn't be beating top laners. let me take darius mid. oh fuck am inting
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