Discussion: Does your rank matter when talking game balance?

So here's a funny thing, most talks about balance on the boards, along the claims that Riot is all silvers and doesn't know how to balance are made by Scuttler > gank mid > Scuttle pathing, because Mobalitycs and other youtube vids said that that is the best pathing, so what you can do, is clear their jungle, since there will be camps for the taking. If they don't and play normally, what's the difference? Now, what did all that have to do with the title? Simple. Pointing out that the balance Riot wants is different from the balance the majority of the community wants, many of whom are lower ranks, and thus, most of the lower ranked players' opinion on balance should not be considered as good in the overall way Riot wants it to be balanced. The majority say they want to out play and win, have a fair game, even if they lose, but if they get outplayed, then it's broken, Riot wants the better player to outplay the other, be it you, or your opponent. What is a fair game in the opinion of that majority? A game where they carry and win or a game where they feed their ass off, but the team pulls off a win regardless. If they carry and the enemy team shut them down, push for the win in a long game, it's the team's fault for the loss, not their's for overextending or misplaying. If they can't carry and the enemy team wins, it's the team's fault for not being good enough, which means that rank does matter to some extent, as many lower rank players cannot or will not try to understand and think outside the box, focusing on doing only what they know and feel safe with, thus compromising their game play. Yes, Riot does fuck up things many times, but this time, at least in my opinion, credits must be given where credit is due, as Riot did a fantastic job and the game feels a lot better now than it was a while ago. As for the joke: Q: How many bronze players are needed to change a light bulb? A: Noone knows, as they can't climb the ladder. *badumtzz* (I hope noone will take the joke as an offence, it's just a joke, if you feel offended, well, deal with it. Yes, I know there are players who got out of Bronze [raises hand] and I know many can do that if they try and stop blaming, but until then, I'll tell you use the same patch FromSoftware told people who were complaining Dark Souls is too hard to use: git gud) Let's try to keep it civilized, and as I said, I do not want to offend anyone, if you feel like I was poking fun at you, I wasn't, it was at the general concept of "bronze is bad", not at you personally, so again, keep it civilized and let's have a fun discussion. {{sticker:galio-happy}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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