@Riot, can we get ANY sort of insight on work for Karma??

Honestly, this is quite frustrating, Riot, that you have put her on the back burner for SO FREAKING LONG. Her "mini rework" that was designed to help her drastically failed, you stripped her of what made her unique (RIP shield bomb), which you then gave to fucking Ivern (WHY?!), removed her fans, and pushed her into the support role and made her a shield bot. And when us Karma fans, ask you for any sort of help, you just downright ignore us or give very little info. Please, Riot, throw us a bone and tell us what is going on and if you have any sort of help coming for her soon. Also, can you give her help for her MID LANE, which is what she was made for in the first place, as well? Sincerely, a frustrated Karma fan
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