Hey if you guys are worried about the buff bar being crowded

Maybe utilize that not particularly useful at the moment runes panel? With the exception of any quest or stacking rune, I feel no one is using it for much. Like I dont care how much damage a low tier rune does/how much a of a resource it restored, I want to know when its up next or if its a scaling rune, how much its going to do at the current moment. Even if a CD is as low as 4 or 5 seconds, its more useful than "you did XXXX damage over the course of the game with this rune." So maybe make that panel more useful and put cooldowns and other things there where applicable. ~~or dont im a scrub not a cop~~ Edit: I kinda forgot i made this thread until reading Surrender at 20 and seeing the riot comment on it, where I went "Oh hey I was just discussing that....wait a minute" lol

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