Okay, you want to know what is wrong with the kog buff in next patch?

where the fuck should i start? they nerfed a champion that dominated the game for a fucking year, the champion ends up *weaker* than before and they immediatly buff him one patch later ONE PATCH LATER they didn't even bother to let kog's players time to adapt to the nerf you know, adapt to being weak until 2 or 3 items not being able to kill someone in 2 seconds anymore not building fucking bruiser items but actual damage items to deal damage it's, "kog win rate dropped! buff him!" meanwhile {{champion:112}} had 43% win rate for 1 year, {{champion:202}} has 46% win rate EVEN AFTER THE BUFF and has been garbage ever since lethality meta shifted in season 7, {{champion:236}} has 46% win rate EVEN AFTER THE BUFF explain how does it make sense for a champion to get buffed when the win rate drops for a single patch, when champions are in the gutter since years? and they decided to buff the most cancerous part of his kit which is pure rightclicking you had kog rightclicking you to death with only W since tank update in season 7, actually since way before his kit was always unhealthy you nerf the problematic part of the champion that is his horrible arcanic barrage, **only to buff it later** they could have buffed his slow, his reveal, his mana cost, his spell damage, something that made him more than building {{item:3124}} and abusing on-hit effect like a ** but no, they decided that kog's W was healthy, having an adc building bruiser items and having 700 range was healthy and then you guys ask me what's wrong with the kog's buff? give me a break
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