Every relic adc support can agree on this

Going relic shield and trying to proc your gold income with autos is probably the most annoying thing in the world when your adc constantly autos the minion you want which is usually the melee and when you save one for caddie minion. Every time I get a boosted monkey adc who just decides to only clear the wave with abilities when caddie is almost dead or when you are walking up to a minion and they auto last hit it and then you have to wait to get another chance in lane against most probably poke support and poke adc which means you lose significant gold and crucial mini heals for your adc. It just double fucks you and your adc and they blame you for not being better when all it takes is just a little mental restraint to just avoid the fucking autos and abilities on your supports only secured gold source in early game. It gets even worse in mid to late game. They just don't realize that 90 gold can turn into 180. Its fucking annoying.
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