Im tired of the misconceptions about Riven.

___ Before I start this thread, I would like to state a few things. Yes I am Riven Main, but this shouldn't dissuade your opinion from this thread. If you do disagree with me, please add a comment, but anyways, thank you for reading this part. I hope you do keep an open mind during this thread as it is controversial. ___ I'm tired. I'm tired of when I play Riven and I do bad, people say, "How do you do bad with Riven, she's so easy to play!", or, "Stop crying Riven, easiest champion, you spam buttons." But honestly, it's frustrating. I've dedicated so much time to Riven, and climbed Gold+ to Platnium 4, and although yes, I do bad, and it is partially my fault,** I don't think Riven is as easy as you guys make it out to be.** I want to say a few things here, Riven's kit itself, is yes, technically, unfair to play against. I will admit that, she has so many dashes and abilities, its ridiculous. But, I feel that she has the highest skillcap out of any champion.** She may not seem hard to play, but her skillcap is literally endless. ** Riven is easy, if you play against bronze or silver, or in a simple normal game. It may seem ridiculously easy, but if you want to play in a high elo Ranked Game, it's as difficult as playing many other champions. I'm tired of getting disrespected by my teammates, because they believe Riven is overpowered, or broken, or etc, but honestly, if you want to do good with her, you need to dedicate time to the champion. I'm tired of getting hated on by enemies, I'm tired when they are playing champions like Irelia, and act like they take so much more mechanical skill then Riven because Riven is a button masher. You can downvote me here if you want, I'm not asking for buffs to Riven, or anything to her kit. I know she's majorly disliked by the community, but please, at least, take into consideration, she does take a lot of mechanical skill, just like any other champion, and she isn't as easy as she looks. Thank you.

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