master yi concept for low elo.

ok so i created a new account on EUNE and what i have run into so many master yi's when i ranked silver on my new roles. what i see happening constantly is that deals insane amounts of dmg with the only skill needed is to pick the right moment to q. now most people im silver cannot coordinate thier cc together to build enough cc chain to kill him and here is why i think that while he is not a real threat in high elo, in low elo the concept of master yi is kind of not a good idea. now i can definitly go jax or trynda into him and kill him 1 v 1 but unless i play champs who can 1 v 1 him he is as close to unkillable in silver if you are to depend on a cc chain. again. im talking about silver elo not high elo. i do know how yi is not a problem in plat+ but in silver he is a terror to deal with.
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