To the Unsung Hero Who Updated Feast Indicator

THANK YOU SO MUCH. HOLY SHIT CHO'GATH PLAYERS HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG THANK YOU. The patch notes may not have found your work worthy of mention but on behalf of the Cho'Gath playerbase I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The old indicator was riddled with issues, it faded in and out and would often end up displaying when your ultimate would not kill, and not displaying when it would. The new, modern execute-style indicator means I no long need to memorize the damage of my ult with every item purchase and then watch the enemy healthbar like a hungry vulture. The only point of contention now is that unlike other executes it is completely invalidated by Phantom Dancer+Steraks Gage (although the fact it has full effectiveness on enemies regardless of how low they are likely offsets that.) I appreciate you, whoever made this change. Even if the patch notes do not.
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