The reason people hate autofill is because they can't play anything other than their main role

Autofill is a good thing, great thing, actually. It allows fast match making, and most importantly ##It allows you to actually learn other roles. if you play anything other than mid lane, odds are, you are barely getting autofilled anyway. By learning other roles, you get better at the game because you start to understand each role, its weaknesses, its strength, how to counter it. So about 9/10 times i see someone being autofilled crying "WAAHHH WAHHHH I DON'T SUPP. GIVE ME MID OR I FEED" they are gonna feed their mind off even if you give them their main role because they are terrible at the game and they have 0 knowledge of anything other than their precious mid lane I am a main support and sometimes i feel like playing mid lane. more often than not, someone autofilled will cry he want mid lane. he will either ban my champ, or just pick something like akali support, which leaves nothing but just give him the fucking lane just so he won't int bot lane. So just start playing support, people. It's a role everyone should know how to play.
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