Unpopular Opinion: Cho'Gath should be able to do a ton of damage with his ult while being tanky

Not only is that but the Cho'Gath rework is the best mini rework Riot has put out. It makes a ton of sense thematically. Cho'Gath is your stereotypical giant different dimension nightmare monster. What do most stereotypical giant different dimension nightmare monsters do? They eat people while being very hard to kill. In those movies the military gets called in only for the monster to shrug off the bullets, missles, bombs, etc, and continue eating people and destroying everything and everybody nearby. Only after a metric fuck ton of damage is done does the monster finally die. I feel like that being part of who Cho'Gath is justifies his ability to 1 shot or almost 1 shot almost any champion in the game with the stoneplate ult combo. That part of Cho'Gath is not the problem and anybody crying for nerfs that would make him no longer able fulfill his gameplay fantasy I needs to understand there is more to a game than how balanced all the characters are. Cho'Gath went from some random generic champion that failed their thematic in a game where most of the older champions also failed thematically (hi shyvana) or flat out don't have a gameplay fantasy at all (wtf is an armordillo?) to a champion that actually does a decent job of delivering on the whole giant monster character. However, what doesn't make sense for the gameplay fantasy of Cho'Gath (or any tank for that matter) is being able to zoom into the enemy team with {{item:3800}} and being able to stick to the enemy with ease. At no point when I think of giant monsters do I think of them being able to move quickly for any reason, nor do I think of them being able to ensure their prey is unable to escape. That kind of stuff is more suited for smaller monsters such as Kha'Zix. He has a Knockup then a slow on his Q, a Silence on his W, and a slow on his E. Giant monsters DO NOT DO THAT AT ALL. A better nerf idea would be to remove the slow on his E and/or nerf/remove the slow after his Q's knockup. Giant monsters don't fucking slow things or intentionally prevent food from escaping, they destroy and eat things because they're too fucking big to care. And as for {{item:3800}}, this item should probably be removed. Cho'Gath isn't the only problematic user of his item. Maokai is another great example. He's a fucking tree. Tree's should not be moving like that. Tanks and Juggernauts (I don't care if you they need buffs) shouldn't be moving at Sonic levels of speed. Tanks and Juggernaut are supposed to be bulky and slow in most cases, and this item removes that weakness. Why pick a diver when you can build this item on a tank and dive the backlines safer than a Vi or Hecarim? **tl;dr** Cho'Gath's real problem is that he's sticky as fuck and {{item:3800}} negates his defining weakness. His ability to munch on an enemy champion for a chunk of their health is core to what Cho'Gath was supposed to be when he was designed. He has that now and there is no reason good reason for him to lose it. Nerfs should instead be given to his CC and {{item:3800}} glory should be removed from the game entirely.

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