@Riot Map Team: On behalf of Dominion, I challenge you!

Watching the love for Dominion in aruj's thread got me a little fired up. So I'm gonna stick my neck out a bit and directly challenge you, the ENTIRE alt-map team, to a wager of sorts for the sake of my most beloved mode. _**The Rules**_ This from May 19th to the 23rd, the entirely of this weekend's Ascension duration, I propose the following rules for this challenge. -Any number of Rioters, from solo queuing to full 5-man premades, may either hop into the Ascension game more public queue or offer a custom room game challenge. -So long as I am on the opposite team, this will count as an official match. If I am paired with any other Rioter; the match is invalidated towards my victory count. -10. Not just 10 wins at Ascension vs Rioters. But 10 **PERFECT** Ascension victories vs Rioters. If I earn these 10 Perfect victories against you, as a solo queue player, before the mode goes away on the 23rd... _**The Rewards/Risks**_ So, what's on the line here? If I win: I want you, the Alt-Map mode team, to bring back Original Dominion with the same gravitas you gave Dark Star. A full, week long celebration of that mode. If you win: I will sign any sort of waiver required beforehand to make sure there is no chance of foul-crying after the fact. And then...you may delete **ALL THE SKINS I OWN** from my account. That's right. **All** my skins. I love my old mode so much I'm willing to put a few thousand dollars on the line just to make this challenge fair to both sides. **_How to Accept_** All I need to consider this challenge active is for one Rioter to post "The game is on!" to this topic. In which I will reply directly to it "I, (my name here), accept the conditions of this duel." which will give you full permission for skin deletion should I lose. You have until 11:59P.M, PST, on Friday, May 19th to accept my challenge Riot. Have at you! https://i.makeagif.com/media/10-05-2015/M_HY8c.gif
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