Dear Riot, can we get a straight, no-nonsense description of what your vision for this game is?

There's a lot of talk in your news posts and AMAs about things like "strategic diversity" and the like. But as of late, looking at the PBE and the recent changes you've made, it's really difficult to get any sort of idea what exactly you mean by all that. Especially given it feels like you're actively trying to weaken all but a handful of champions in specific roles, which I'm sure can't possibly be the case. Your patch notes specifically call out certain champions as being "fun and balanced" while simultaneously nerfing other very similar champions. The issue is mobility creep has been openly acknowledged, but the past few new champions have all had mobility in one form or another. In some cases, oodles of it. I'm not looking to use this post to complain, decry decisions you've made on the PBE or in recent patches, or point fingers at new champions and call them the end of the world. I'm writing this post because I'm legitimately curious, and I'd like to see one of you discuss your plans for the game -- and answer a few questions -- without using buzzwords and in-house jargon that you've only vaguely defined to the players. * When you envision the game this time next year, what exactly do you see going on in it? How do you want or expect this season to play out? * When you refer to strategic diversity, do you mean that you want any and all champions to be a common and regular pick, their frequency only truly decided by their teamcomp? Or are you perfectly happy with the way things have traditionally been, with people generally flocking to the same 3 or 4 champions for each role outside of edge cases and "pocket picks," so long as there is some other form of...strategic diversity in another way? And if so, what is that strategic diversity, if not champion variety? * How exactly do you plan on dealing with mobility creep? Do you even think it's still a problem, or should we just expect every low-mobility character to eventually be reworked to keep up? If you're planning on doing something about it, but it's not going to be for a long, long time coming -- could you just tell us? Please? Finally: Where are you taking this? What are your goals with all these changes? I know what you've said, but a lot of things really just don't seem to line up.
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