5.16 is the attack on the meta Lol deserves but does does not need

So yes I am seeing things like Darius and mord bot and overall dominating bot lane most of the time now. Some games are not having any ADC and in reality the ADC is more of a liability in a lot of cases which is basically saying that their super high damage late game is legitimately tied to a risky early to mid game that they might not evne survive well enough to become powerful late game. This is overall good for opening up different play options to many players. Why do I say this? Becasue the Meta has been the ONLY way that many people see bot lane can be played without being called a "troll". Where is the diversity in 3 ADC being the only ones played in most games? I have played enough Dota 2 to know that while roles are somewhat assigned aka carries and supports (AKA ward Bitch) they are not locked to a supposed lane that a ranged auto attack carry will almost always go to and a support is allowed to become a carry should things role that way. But league since before I started playing has had this concept of top, Mid, Jungle, support and Attack Damage Carry/Marksmen. Only one of them dictates what kind of champ must be played while the others will change what class is played with the meta through item buffs and nerfs. The only thing that changes for ADC is which marksmen is played, not which class of champ would be good for this situation. This comes from marksmen historically having less risk in being able to able damage objectives like towers. It would be something like giving all melee 30% passive damage reduction from turrets. So why is it not needed? Because the players refuse to accept the idea of a random set up every game. The idea of not knowing what you will be having to deal with in lane when the other team picks LeBlanc and Riven. The meta has provided some kind of familiarity that people have become use to in this game and in that it is limiting what will be done in this game. In the end I hope that this patch destabilizes the long standing bot lane meta of ADC + support and makes an ADC a choice instead of mandatory. Wishful thinking but it would bring back some interest to a game that is just not holding my interest like it once did. In other words ADC might return to going solo mid instead of having a baby sitting support every game. Let the down voting begin for unpopular stance.
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