Current State of Katarina plus Suggested Changes

> Hi, I've been a Katarina main since Season 1. As you all know there was a Katarina FotM phase that had occurred. This was due in part to the nerfing of other assasins, which made consequently made Katarina a stronger choice. This FotM spotlighting on Katarina caused some nerfs that I believe were unnecessary. The nerf on the damage and AP ratio on her shunpo, in addition to the removal of DFG, has eliminated any potential for burst damage comparable to other assasins, outside of her ultimate. Personally, I did not like the Katarina remake to begin with. Sinister Steel and the quasi-Akali mark effect added to Katarina's Q did not really complement or improve the way Katarina's original kit was designed to function. But instead all it served to do was the tacking on of some artificially complicated effects that turned her into an AOE face-roll machine ( Q+W+R aoe damage while shunpo's damage was reduced , ap ratio also reduced from 0.75 to 0.4 then nerfed to 0.25). Kat is first and foremost an assasin, not some 2nd rate aoe mage. Now she completely fails in both aspects, as the weakest assasin and AOE mage compared to other champs. The thing I miss most about her was the 3.6 second cd 0.75 AP ratio shunpo that she had pre-remake. Take note of this play at 2:50. This is what Kat was originally designed for, despite having had her ult cancelled immediately Here are my suggested changes Q-Bouncing Blades Remove the mark effect that makes no sense. I get that it was supposed to reward the player with additional damage by forcing the player to take the risk of going into melee/close range. However there were times when I would E then Q, and before I had the chance to W to proc Q, the opponent would flash away as a panic reaction, the absence of damage from W and the Q mark costs me the kill and reset, leading to my death. It is mechanically impossible to Q then W a good opponent before they jump or flash away. In order to bypass this problem I E+W+Q and auto the target if time permits. Most of the time proccing the Q mark is not feasible. Besides, the original point of bouncing blades was to serve as a tool for poke and heal reduction (killer instincts from old katarina). Suggested Changes FIRST REMOVE THE MARK. She is not akali. #1- make it chargeable such that longer charges reward the player with additional bounces and damage. This is to complement Q's purpose of dealing poke damage. #2-add a condition such that some form of bonus damage occurs when cast on the opponent within close range. (True damage/damage based on missing health w/e). This bonus damage is warranted as she has to take the risk of going into melee range. Bonus damage also helps her to achieve the resets that she needs. W-Sinister Steel In my opinion this skill is stupid. She does not need more AOE in her kit. Giving Kat a spammable short CD, AOE skill makes no sense as she already has her death lotus and passive that resets CD. If I remember correctly, the reasoning for this skill was to give her a back-up option in case her death lotus is cancelled. She is an assasin. If the player does not use her ult properly or skillfully to prevent her ult from being cancelled that easily then it's the player's fault. Champs aren't supposed to be designed to downplay or even worse reward people for their mistakes. I propose that we give her the original skill "Killer Instincts back" or make this skill pure utility so it would be fair to give Q and E more damage potential. Ideally she should be given some sort of spell shield or immunity of some sort but of course that might be imbalanced. At the very least she should have the 3 seconds 35% dmg reduction and 5 seconds 50% heal reduction she had before from "Killer Instincts". E-Shunpo revert it to its original 0.75 AP ratio and 80/120/160/200/240 scaling and 10/9/8/7/6 CD. Nerf her damage in other areas if you need to. This skill is more important than her death lotus. The 1.5 second 15% damage reduction is a joke and feels randomly tacked on as compensation for the loss of "Killer Instincts", which gave her 35% dmg reduction at level 5 for 3 seconds. R-Death Lotus This should be her one and only source of prominent AOE damage. Fully channeling this skill most of the time is not really possible, since either someone dies, giving her the reset to shunpo and kill someone else, or Kat dies for staying in the middle of the enemy team for too long. The base damage can be nerfed but It should still have an extremely high AP ratio so that high burst potential is maintained. Of course since I am a Kat main so I might be biased. Kat was one of the original 40 champions since 2011 so I'm just a nostalgic vet. Please help support Katarina, if there are still any kat fans out there.
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