Since 7.1, Elise has tanked again

The last time I made this post, Elise was sitting around a 47% winrate, 1% lower than Kindred and below the typical 48%-49% that she usually seems to be at. With the jungle experience nerfs in 7.1, her winrate has yet again tanked, and this time it's hitting experienced Elise players. [This is currently Elise's for 7.1]( as you can see, experienced Elise players (Those with 50-125 and 125+ games played on the champion) are hardly having any more success on the champion than inexperienced ones. The entirety of Elise's graphs tell a sad story, and I hope this is something that, with upcoming jungle nerfs once more, Riot eventually looks into. For the record, [This is Kindred's for 7.1]( Kindred is a champion that many believe needs buffs. As you can see, not only is their overall winrate better, but we see a trend that we expect. More experienced Kindred players are having more success on Kindred. Yes, you can argue the pick rate is lower so what we're looking at here is possibly more the true onetricks, but still, the point remains. People with experience on Kindred are doing substantially better than people with experience on Elise. That's not to say Kindred needs buffs, but at the same time, Elise is heading down the same road due to nothing but a series of indirect nerfs since the removal of Strength of the Ages. While Elise herself hasn't been nerfed, her core items have, along with the jungle itself. Protobelt and Rylai's Crystal Scepter both received nerfs, as well as the changes to Abyssal Aura no longer acting like magic penetration. In addition, jungle exp was nerfed to prevent junglers like Lee Sin from ganking early with no consequences, but Elise is also an early ganking playstyle. Elise does not clear raptors as well as Lee (It's not really dangerous to do so, but it is slow) I said before that Elise would be hit by the 7.1 Nerfs to the Jungle. She has been. Hopefully she doesn't have to be in the same state as Nidalee before this is addressed. It's very possible that the nerfs to the jungle plus upcoming CoC nerfs will see her winrate climb, due to Vi and Hecarim becoming less popular choices, however, her winrate did not see a climb after the Lee Sin nerfs, so hoping on this is probably not wise. My personal predictions for 7.2 are Elise will remain at a 46% winrate, or will drop lower. I hope to be proven wrong. The sad thing is that this is indicative of the state of AP junglers. Both Elise and Nidalee, the two most popular high elo AP junglers are all but gone from the meta, with Elise putting up bad scores and having her playrate drop, and Nidalee currently listed as the lowest performing jungler in patch 7.1
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