Riot, this is how you fix jungle

Buff jungle camp experience so that ganking is a risk that can set the jungler back if they fail. This will make ganks happen less often and will bring diversity to the role with farming and ganking junglers alike being picked. The more you nerf jungle exp and gold, the more oppressive junglers will be to lane and the more camille/graves/lee sin games we are going to see next season. If I am a jungler and camps are garbage, guess what I am going to spend 90 percent of my time doing? Revert the scuttle changes. This was a failed experiment that forced fights early and ruined jungle diversity. It also set one jungler far back behind the other and negatively affected lanes that needed to help with these encounters. Increase early vision time with wards so that laners can be safer in the first few levels of the game. I know none of these changes will happen because this game is now something made for LCS players that the rest of us get to play. Thats why I expect season 9 to be trash can.
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