So we can drop the ad assassin meta any time now.....

Its literally only fun for the person playing the assassin. Its not like they are outplaying anyone, its not like they just have better mechanics.... no its this watered down garbage fire champ, that just got all its counterplay options gutted. I mean look at rengar what does he do? he makes himself invisible, runs at one person and instant kills them with no time to react? he didnt "outplay them", he just picked someone with no counterplay and abused it. Zed, he w's r's and dives you under 2 turrets, uses his instant speed combo with one auto attack, and then dashes back before you can react? fizz, point and click one bang talon, hit a large cone skillshot, stealth underneath you, auto and dead. Sure you can buy a zhonya's. you cut your deaths in half? congratz? they are gonna try again in 30 seconds because they never got punished for diving you in the middle of your team. you cant stack armor, cause between all the flat pen, lethality, %armor pen and black cleaver being a freakin thing if you have less than 300 armor you may as well have zero armor. i dont have a solution, but this is getting ridiculous. ADC is already unplayable, mages are getting there now to. what are we suppose to do? vlad is perma banned ( because hard counter the assassins) tanks dont work against them anymore because they get resistances and health for some god forsaken reason from their assassin items. you cant just spam hard cc at them because they buy merc treads and can use quick silver sash. Maybe make assassins all like kha. yeah he gets a ton of damage. when you are alone (ie out of position) but this "oh i picked rengar so you dont get to play" is stupid.

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