Why is Riot killing mobility builds?

Ever since patch 6.11, when Boots of Swiftness (BoS) got nerfed into absolute uselessness, I've had trouble seeing any beneficial effects in the game. For myself specifically, who mains Diana with approximately 350k experience since Season 5, the nerfs to BoS were pretty devastating. I imagine many other assassin-type characters were similarly affected in a negative manner. However, this is especially detrimental to Diana, who has no escape aside from flash once she has jumped into a fight. I know Riot has stated that they don't really _see_ Diana as an assassin, but rather more of a fighter/engage type champion. However, regardless of how Riot sees her, they have a responsibility to react to the way that players are playing her. As an assassin with no escape, she really needs in-combat mobility to be viable. Even as a fighter-type Champion, a vision that Diana is never going to live up to without a significant rework, Diana **needs** in-combat mobility---probably even more so than as an assassin. However, with the removal of boot enchantments and the nerfs to BoS, either of these visions--a stealthy assassin or engaging fighter--has become increasingly difficult to attain. I understand that Riot wanted to prevent mobility creep + encourage people to buy the two weaker pairs of boots at the time, but I feel like the buffs made to those boots in 6.11 were more than enough. I propose a buff on either the MS or slow resistance given by BoS. Never, in the history of league, has BoS given less than 60 MS. Currently, they're outclassed by every single other pair of boots. I would be interested in hearing about how the changes to mobility has affected you, as I know that it can be radically different depending on which champions you mainly play. If you think a problem exists, what are your thoughts on fixing it? Am I the only who feels this way?
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