Is there anyone that actually has fun playing this game anymore?

It's really not even fun playing this shit game anymore. It's actually just a chore playing this horrible game. This is the only game I've played where the toxic playerbase completely ruins the game. People say Overwatch is toxic, but at least the toxicity doesn't completely ruin the gaming experience. This game is just filled with trolls, afkers, inters, teammates always arguing, etc, I just don't have fun playing this shit anymore. People are supposed to be playing as a team and trying to win but no, 9 times out of 10 people are flaming each other in the chat and no one is playing as a team. I don't see how anyone can have fun in a game that punishes you for being good and everyone on the team is just feeding and trolling. If the only way to consistently win games is to carry then this game is fucking terrible. It's a team game why should carrying every game be the ONLY way to climb ranks. And if you're not playing a champion that can carry then you'll never fucking climb because it's impossible. The only reason I continue to play this shitty game is because I enjoy playing the few champions I main. If it weren't for that then I would be quitting this game ASAP. The game is only fun if you're winning, and even then it's still frustrating because it's a pain in the ass to win games with people constantly flaming each other. And don't tell that muting teammates will solve the problem. Muting teammates doesn't even do shit, because they'll still be fucking around and inting ruining the game anyway. These days even winning doesn't feel satisfying anymore. If you still have fun with this game, how do you do it? How do you have fun in the most toxic and unbalanced competitive game ever made? How can one have fun in a game filled with trolls and afkers almost every fucking game? How can one have fun in a game that punishes you for being a good player? I don't get it. The main purpose of video games is to have fun, yet there is almost nothing fun about playing this toxic ass game. The only way to have fun is to be playing with friends, or play stupid off meta picks. Besides that, this game is fucking terrible.
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