I give up on riot trying to balance their game!

Redemption Health lowered to 300 from 400 Mana regen increased to 125% from 75% Unique Active - heal value lowered to [40 +25 per level] from [130 + 20 per level] Now riot had a choice. To nerf the item or to bring all other support items up to its ridiculously fun gameplay standard. Instead of trimming the fat like removing its ability to be used while dead or shortening the cast range they nerf the items fun. its ability to swing fights in a telegraphed manner. now they did buff some other support items http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/01/111-pbe-update.html however the fun is not comparable. I have no doubt that riot cares about their playerbase but somewhere along the line the decision making process seems to be devoid of the basic question "Is this gonna be fun for the player" things that are basic anti fun -loss of control -lack of a chance for counterplay (both teams) -stale repetitive playpatterns things that we have alot of in the game

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