Trying Sylas is the most fun I've had in a while...

I've completely stopped playing LoL from June last year to June this year. I couldn't stand the game anymore and I honestly never imagined coming back. Since I came back, I'm having alot of fun playing my boy Vel'Koz and for some reason I'm even more dominant with him than I already was. I just unlocked Sylas last night and even though I'm pure trash with him, his kit is tons of fun. Stealing ults is so original and has so much potential for outplays. First game I tried, I kept stealing Sivir's ult to chase her down and destroy her. First time I ulted a Jayce I got massively confused even though I play Jayce. Getting Lux's ult and going all in on her just to have her flash and giving her a taste of her own medicine (final spark) is so satisfying. I have no idea why I don't see him that much. Good job who even designed him.
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