You know what made Rylais/Mallet feel so much more frustrating to play against?

The countless nerfs to {{item:3009}} The item was built a ton earlier this season and gave people a way to itemize against heavy slows. Now with both its passive, cost and MS having been nerfed the item went back into the trash can. I suggest making the item a viable choice again by somewhat changing the passive and/or just flat out buffing it. I never saw a problem with swifties due to you giving up other useful stats by choosing them over tabi, mercs or an offensive choice like sorcerers. Now boots are just as stale as before with nobody really building according to the situation except maybe tanks having to choose between armor or MR. So, how about we make them a solid option again and make counter building rylais, mallet or simply teams with a lot of slows a possibility?
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