"you're insane, why do you want a tank meta!!!!!"

hahaha yeah, i'm insane, let's see what happens when we have a tank meta teamfight lasts for 20 sec, damage is low and cc are dangerous making people thinking twice every single 0.00001 second instead of killing any target in 1 sec {{champion:15}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:222}} crit adc becomes viable, they have peel and the duration of the teamfight allows them to be the only hyper carry in their team which should be the case and not {{champion:115}} who doesn't fall off in late game because he uses 4 spells+his team burst and the fight is over before adc have the time to use their DPS for a lot of seconds same for {{champion:202}} {{champion:82}} you mean i can finally teamfight for real? like having the entire duration of my W and ult applied? you mean i don't die when the teamfight begins? and i have people bringing cc????! {{champion:8}} ^ {{champion:24}} ^ {{champion:75}} ^ {{champion:37}} finally able to use my 60% cdr in a long teamfight? {{champion:16}} finally able to heal? {{champion:48}} tank meta? i'm in {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:12}} finally people play us instead of ~~cancer~~ mage supports {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} oh no, teamfights no longer end in 5 sec, what are we going to do {{champion:157}} {{champion:122}} we have returned in lcs, i heard we needed us to kill tanks
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