Infinity Edge Rework

Make Infinity Edge a charging item that charges up with auto attacks. After X amount of auto attacks you get empowered crit damage like the current passive. WHY? This will nerf ADCs without taking away their core usefulness. -------------------------------------------------------- -EDIT- THIS WOULD NOT NERF THEIR DAMAGE!!! All this would do is delay their damage to where other champs have a chance to outplay them. Yasuo and Trynd would still have their damage it would just ramp up like they did with fervor. GP would be hit hard but he has needed a good nerf for many seasons. A lot of ADCs build attack speed items meaning that building up the stacks would not take them long. It would just take long enough for someone to be able to have a chance at outplaying them. ---------------------------------------------- -UPDATE- I still have not seen one valid reason this wouldn't work.
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