Ranked is a joke.

Ranked isn't about skill in low elo, i's literally who picks he dumbest champion. Get outplayed? Nope just didn't end the game in 20 minutes to stop vayne from getting {{item:3153}} and {{item:3124}} so gg because she just nukes everyone. Some champs don't get punished for doing bad with their overloaded kits, or just champs that you over buff (Like vayne, love how she goes invisible every second.) There is no balance. I know there will always be meta picks but, there is no stop point for some of them. It's either win by x amount of time or this x champion will win regardless, UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY SKILLED ENOUGH TO CARRY. There needs to a limit to how much a champ can win the game for you. Some champs just hold a players hand and let them rank up not because of their skill, but because a champ is fucking broken, over buffed and you let it happen. Where is the skills in all of this?High elo players have skill yet the same thing applies. There are, champions that even they know that if you don't end the game in x amount of time, they will lose, except of course the user is actually good. In low elo it's just because the champ is broken, otherwise they still wouldn't be hovering around low elo playing these champs that hold them up in their rank. You let some bad players get carried by champions that you can't balance. And i do believe if you are good enough you can climb of course, but you have to be significantly better, but i also believe to many players get ranks they shouldn't be by playing broken champs which shouldn't be the case. There are players who I've played with and against and they so fucking bad at the game. Yet they still win because of the champ they play. League is a race and depending of what champ you choose. That places you either miles ahead of the race or behind. Which leads to players winning and ranking up when they shouldn't.
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