The amount of bias on this board is reaching critical mass

The insane amount of bias on this board is reaching an all time high. Its completely paralyzing any actually discussion to be had about Gameplay. I've been in these boards for many years and I've never seen it this bad. It's been bad, but never ***this bad***. Bad to the point where intentionally feeding to stick it to the ADC is actually supported. What the actual fuck? This is where we're at? I can't directly point fingers, but the fact that a thread where a support got mad at his Lucian ADC for finishing his BotRK instead of rushing an Executioners so therefore decided to 0/9 intentionally feed and straight up troll has made it to the front page is exactly why Riot has stated they don't take this board seriously. Comments that point out the feeding/troll build as a source of the loss are downvoted while "stupid ADC should have built it hehe xd" "gotta teach him a lesson by inting lel" are upvoted. Do I even have to state how fast the inverse of "my support didn't buy sightstone so I 0/9 inted" would drown in downvotes? Speaks volumes about the community when "I don't like what you're building so I'm gonna int" is an acceptable and encouraged solution. How did we go from smite support Singed getting banned being a big deal to Lucian building a BotRK being a fucking travesty? This 'ADCs are damage dealers so they're big meanies while supports are special snowflakes who are incapable of being overtuned or being a factor towards ADCs being too strong' is bullshit and insane. I've mained divers for four years and anytime I point out that I can deal with ADCs if they don't have 4k shielding/healing and zero effort peel it gets downvoted while a "ADC mains have no friends" thread rockets to the front page. PSA: support itemization is overtuned and is a major contributing factor as to why ADCs seem so strong. Hate to be the bearer of bad news here folks. Can't run from the truth. ADCs are part of the game. Get over it. I would say "adapt" but they've **always** been a part of the game. If you can't handle their existence, find a new game because guess what? Riot isn't going to just delete them. Sorry. Better get used to it. If anyone wants to have an ***actual*** balance conversation about ADCs and other factors outside of "ADCs are bullshit", by all means feel free to comment
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