@Riot Developers - Karma is Solidified as Nothing

> > She confronted a Noxian commander on the deck of his own war frigate, and unleashed her divine fury. But instead of a single, measured attack, she obliterated the entire vessel and its crew in a heartbeat. > > -------------------- > > Killing would always be easy, but came at the cost of true enlightenment. She had already tarnished her own undying soul along with those of her followers, and she would try her utmost to do no further injury. If Karma is supposed to have a headstrong and independent personality, where is it in the game? If Karma is supposed to be this all powerful being, where is it in her kit or game? You want to know where it is? In the work ethic that you took away from her the past five years. You took away Karma's graceful stance and alluring personality and give it to new Irelia. You took away Karma's shield bomb and give it to Ivern. You took away Karma's fans for no reason at all for a watered down thematic that isn't even present in the game. You continue to take everything away from this champion that made this champion unique and amazing, and put it on other things in the game. Now we are left with a champion that doesn't even have a running and shield casting animation. Meddler and Reav3s are very stubborn and cannot admit the fact that the work they have been doing on Karma has done nothing to improve her. She sits at a horrible win and play rate and the two of them think she is an amazing champion. The Developers refuse to actually address the problems in her theme, kit and art but have no problem doing that for Ahri and other popular champions. To improve Karma: Stop solidifying her as this champion that does nothing. It just seems to me that everything she used to be able to do is on someone else in the game. Now we are left with a champion that does nothing. Almost everything in her kit already exists in the game and isn't unique. Her only damage option is blocked by minions and the second half of the damage is unreliable. The health scaling from Mantra W doesn't fit a mage or support at all. The Mantra E is basically a group shield with an item active attached to it. - Karma needs a new passive that rewards her for autoattacking or gives her a reason to damage people. - Karma's Mantra Q needs to be ground targeting and not blocked by minions. If you want to keep the second tic explosion, have it to where enemies are damaged and allies are healed. - Karma's Mantra E needs to have shield bomb put back or it needs to stand out among other parts of the game. It is too bland and unoriginal to be on a champion kit if the idea already exists in the game. - She needs to have some sort of thematic tired to her visual in game. Since this was botched and not worked on at all in the past 5 years, I feel like some simple things to her visuals is just deserved.
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