Please re-rework Zac....

3 knock ups, self sustain, tankiness, damage, gap closer all in one kit. Unhealthy as fuck. News flash, Chain cc is not skill, it's just fucking irritating and not fun to play against. Dodge his one fuckin skillshot he has, just to be point and clicked by him using his rubber arm shit on a minion then right clicking you. So fun to play against... Just about as fun as Fizz is to play against. Riot, stop giving tanks EVERYTHING IN THE FUCKING GAME. Tanks need tankiness, and cc. THAT'S IT. Literally, that's all tanks need. You can't have EVERYTHING. Gap closer, self sustain, DAMAGE, and tankiness is too fuckin much for one kit. Seriously..... When are you going to learn that already. Let alone 3 god damn knock ups in 1 kit, along with all the rest of the above.... This isn't just a facepalm, this is a FACE DESK. Stop now before you turn into the next WoW.... Blizzard already made that mistake, and ruined PvP completely. Don't be the next dumb asses please... Chain CC, is not skill. It's just not. Especially with point and click cc. Doesn't matter if you dodge the skillshot cc, when you get right clicked that leads into perma cc death. PPPPPSSSSS, smashing my face on keyboard since i have 40 seconds to kill standing still being cc'd forever. dflqhgjflqgfhq;kejfh.JFHQELGFDKHQW;KGJGFHKHGD
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