League of Legends no longer excites me

I can promise you, it has nothing to do with me getting 'bored'. The game isn't fun, you can't carry despite everyone having stupid amounts of damage. Ironic isn't it? I had more of an impact if I played well back when we had LESS damage. Nowadays, I just play from time to time because I have nothing better to do. But one thing's for certain is that I don't actually look forward to it. I've completely avoided ranked, because I can go 11-0 and still not have enough of an impact. NOT ASKING FOR MORE DAMAGE but actually reward players who play well. This is what you get when you try to force a game that wasn't designed to be short, to end faster. You can be playing, playing, suddenly Nasus or Jax gets 2 items and it's lategame. This sudden change is so stupid, and all for what? To cut the game length by 5 minutes. Because 'younger gamers' prefer more causal games like Overwatch and Fortnite. League was a good game with a loyal playerbase, but corporate greed for quick short term revenue holds more precedency. I guess the market analysts simply couldn't shake the fear of new trends off. If Riot is so scared of newer games, they should have released a separate game, and not try to change something fundamentally important to this one.
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