Just what is a good LOL computer?

So I'm writing this artical for all you people out there who are about to make a HUGE mistake. So you want a computer that you can Skype on while playing lol and a few steam games here and there. So most people will tell you to get this 3,000 dollar computer with a Nvidia G-Force GTX 670. You don't. Because your "Know-it-all geek friends" are wrong. You can get by with a decent gaming computer that will get maybe 60 fps for around 700-800 USD. Now because League is not to Graphic intensive YET. You can live with a duel Intel i5 processor. Now if you plan on playing really graphic intense games like Warframe. Believe me. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. You can spend it allon RP ~~if you have no life~~ Want to put it to ~~better~~ use
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