Illoai is broken

How is an illoai behind in lane and farm..and items, able to do 16,000 total damage to champions when im literally ahead only able to do half that. Me hitting my full combo compared to her only landed 1 to 2 parts of hers and winning trades? It's honestly pathetic if you ask me. Need to go ahead and hire them new balancing team members and fire the others that show favoritism to lux..and oh wait ANOTHER Ryze rework? Fuck outta here really? Again? Cmon riot, tired of getting toxic kids calling me shit while yall literally rid of the good ones that legit enjoyed the game and leave because of the balancing department and the toxic behavior yall implement and allow. But no no don't defend yourself with someone running it down the midlane afking calling you shit. Just take your pride and throw it out or that permahammer ban might come your way when you tell them to kill themselves %%%%%%. Thats what we need, I will get cable just to cut on the news to one of them killing themselves for me to sleep better, It'll atleast get rid of bad competition.
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