Karma’s Color Story is Great, But Her Kit and Art Aren’t

The color story, the recent representation Karma has been getting this year and the dedication she has been getting from old and new fans is great. What is not great is playing a boring champion that has to be nerfed into the ground to be balanced or overbuffed to be represented in the game. Riot has buffed and nerfed this champion right after, because Karma remains a game health issue. Karma’s lack of direction, interesting mechanics, and terrible/half worked on art has been a issue for nearly 7 years now. Riot wants to talk about not being able to do anything on Karma and how fearful they are with changing her and upsetting her divided community. Wow, shocker! That’s what happens when you ignore a champion for 7 years, continue the trend of removing every interesting art direction and fun kit elements from her, and not doubling down on her problems for 7 years. Riot wants to make up excuses and continue to ignore Karma, but it’s ok! Another new champion, Ryze, or popular champion rework is on the way! Let’s make excuses and be fearful instead of addressing the issues created by yourselves, Riot. Karma heals others in the color story, she has a string like Mantra W, her Mantra state is Avatar state/Saiyan level, she can blow up a entire airship, and it looks like she can do a lot more that is represented outside of Karma’s gameplay and art in the game. It’s like Riot knows what they should be doing with Karma but they’re refusing to do it and just want her to rot. I blame Meddler and Reav3s. I’ve talked with both of them over the years and they know what needs to be done. These two just don’t care. We can now add Riot Scruffy to the long list of Developers who can make positive changes on Karma but would rather prioritize work on everything but her and so many other champions Developers ruined.
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