I really miss the good old days when we had a laning phase and a team fight phase.

It was such a fun time, it made a 40 minute game feel like it was two 20 minute halves. You had the laning phase: poke and keep track of your mana whilst trying to kill the enemy laner as well keep your creep score up. And then you had the team fight phase: keep track of enemy CDs whilst trying to get a pick and or catch someone out. or initiate a team fight for yourself. Its true that league is just a shell of its former self. We no longer have to even try and conserve mana, like I don't believe I'v ever gone oom in lane in seasons. You don't have to poke anymore, you just all in at level 3 and or wait for your jungler to come and dive tower with you. In team fights one team is so far behind that their is no strategy any more, one team just rolls over the other. This game used to require so much thinking and strategy and thats what made it engaging and fun, I'm not saying it requires 0 strategy anymore but its definitely been reduced by around 70%, CSing doesn't even seem to matter anymore, you can get rolled over by an enemy thats down 50 creeps on you. Jungling is brain dead now, I know you youngsters wouldn't believe it but camps used to actually kill you. Please revert league back to season 3, 4, and 5 it was uglier back then but so much more fucking fun. League needs to be slowed down. It used to take like a minute and a half to walk toplane without boots, I shit you not. TLDR: -No laning phase - no mana conservation -less strategic warding due to lack of available wards (added last minute). - no poking due just constant all ins - Hyper amounts of damage, mobility, CDR, Etc. - Jungling is too fucking easy - No strategy.
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