Am I the only one that feels like it will be juggernauts who will benefit the most from tank rework?

* less health, more resistances on items. A wet dream for champs with 2.3k base health like Dario or Yorick * adaptive helm to counter DPS mages. DPS mages hurt juggs more than tanks, because they have more problems to walk through cc-spam * Doran shield buff. Again, benefits juggs more - it helps in rough matchups like melee vs ranged, but tanks don't really care about rough matchups * SV changes, you guessed it, benefits juggernauts more, as they typically have more sustain in one form or another. I don't want to be forced to try to kill Illaoi with new DD and SV. * Sterak's buff. Shield got nurfed early, but AD should make up for that... for champions that use it and have high bases * increasing amount of resistances in game benefits champions with inbuilt shred, like Dario and Garen * lowering HP available benefits champions with true damage, like Dario Garen an Olaf BC gets nurfed in a noticeable way, but it shouldn't make up for all of this - it loses some % of armor penetration, but this is because introducing more armor into the system makes % armor penetration more valuable. Especially Darius starts looking legit scary - he is still really strong now, he benefits really directly from almost every single change, BC change shouldn't hurt him since building armor is basically pointless against him AND he has potential use cases for Stoneplate that other juggs don't really have (metallicizing to safely stack passive or in-between Q casts).
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