Why does everyone hate adc on these boards

I just want to mention to riot maybe how to make some adcs more viable instead of this Lucian draven karthus meta that’s going on and as soon as you say something you have four people trying to crucify you for even suggesting that you help adc in any way. Guys I just want to have fun in the role I started playing this game with not for it to be broken stop attacking players that just want adcs to not suck not suggesting buffs but maybe nerf some stuff instead of making something stronger every patch Just a side note I see a lot of people being toxic in the comments I want to bring about discussion about adc and it’s place in the game in no way am I asking for crit items to be brought back or for the role to be made overpowered I just want in a carry position to be able to do as much damage as a mid laner because whether you like it or not it’s a carry position your supposed to be doing a lot of damage stop hating on the position try talking about a constructive way to fix it
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