Why Provisionals doesn't treat players fairly

To whom this finds interest, STORY// PREVIOUSLY IN KYLE'S SOLO QUE RANKED: League of Legends has been my game since season 4. It took me 4 months to reach Level 30, and I started my ranked career in bronze I. I was so bad, that I dropped to bronze 5, but I eventually crawled my way into silver 5 to finish off the season (I maxed at Silver 4). When season 5 started, I so show sure that I would get to placed where I left off: Silver 5. I played my Provisionals, and rather than Silver 5, I got Bronze 2, which is lower than what I had gotten in the previous season. I had to climb my way out of bronze again, and it was easier than before. In season 5, I ended in silver 3 - which should have been silver 2 and maxed at silver 1. This same season, a friend of mine lost all of his Provisionals, and got gold 5. This same player is the player that dies at least 7-10 times a game, builds BoTRK on Teemo, doesn't have a champ main, and doesn't know what counters are. I was so sure that this season (Season 6) was going to be my season to where I make it to gold. I started to play Provisionals with my friend I have been playing league with for 3 years. We win our first game, but surrender the next two games because he is a little B$%^@. I decided not to play with him after that. I get through all ten provisionals, with a ratio of 3:7 (W/L). I would expect that because I am going against players who are obviously better at the game, I would be placed in at least silver. Boy, was I wrong. I was placed in Bronze 2. THE PROBLEM I HAVE: Why am I being ranked in a lower elo when I have proven myself to be higher than this elo? What would be nice is a better understanding of how MMR works, how Provisionals work, why I'm being placed where I am for 3 seasons in a row, why place me against players who are obviously better than me, and why players who can't actually play the game can be placed into Gold. There needs to be a logical, wait, I mean senseless reason why the ranking system works the way it does. I would like your [the LoL community] logical answer for this madness. Please explain thoroughly and I refuse to accept that this is where I belong. help?
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