Sylas Ult Interaction Questions.

So haven't played him yet but he can steal ult's sooooooooooooooooooooooo.... 1. If i steal susaN's, on top of becoming big boi god mode will i get 50% cdr reduction on Sylas's q? 2. If i steal Zed's ult and use it and get a kill will i get passive ad bonus? 3. If i steal Udyr's ult will i just be perma Phoenix or can attack once with it? 4. If i steal Elise's or Nidalee's ult can i become a spider or big cat? 5. If i steal Kalista's ult can i use it? Like who do i suck in? 6. If i steal Kha'zix's ult can i use it multiple times if the Kha had it evolved? 7. If i steal Kassadin's ult which strength ult would it be? 8. If i steal Le Blanc's ult can i cast one of my spells as a clone and modified? 9. If i steal Anivia's ult how long can i have it going for? 10. If i steal Karma's ult wtf happens if i use it? 11. If i steal Vayne's ult will i get the invis bonus and stuff? 12. If i steal Heimers ult what happens? Yeah those are my questions.

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