List of things you'd like to see RIOT implement into League?

One rule: Nothing crazy! I actually want riot to see this; DOTA 2 slams us when it comes to extras/cosmetic things. (Did i use that semicolon right...?) Also anytime say "_purchase_" i mean with IP/RP. **_My Desires_** {{champion:32}} : * **MORE ANNOUNCER PACKS:** (but actual voice actors this time, meteos and phreak are cool and all but how killer would it be to have Samuel L Jackson say PENTAKILL!!) * **MAP TEXTURE PACKS:** (things like the winter map, a fall map, desert, etc. I know we aren't getting a NEW map but some purchasable texture swaps would be nice. Same layout of course.) * **MAP WEATHER PACKS:** Rain, lightning, day and night are unlikely but would be cool. Optional purchase once again. * **PETS**: Could be pre/post-game only if need be. Could be a great way to showcase the wildlife of Runeterra. NO not just _Poros_. * **Summoner Highlight Spotlight:** By this i mean the _Highlights_ that you can record in your _Player Profile tab_. Would be changed **daily/weekly ** and would basically pick a cool _Highlight_ from a summoner and show it on the front page. This might require a server to upload them to or a website, but would make it so that our _Highlights_ don't just sit in our profile never to be seen by another player and would give it some _purpose_. * **OPTION TO CHANGE THE GAME'S AUDIO LANGUAGE:** japanese,spanish etc. I'm sure that there are players in NA that aren't fluent with English or understand their native tounge better. It would help players identify with their culture and would be a welcome change. * **DEATH/RECALL FLAIR:** Similar to the effect that we get during URF with the icons equipped. Option to turn the flair off to help players with low end hardware (me.) * **MUSIC PACKS:** Part of what makes a game great is music; and I'm sure there are more than a few players who are either tired of the same soundtrack, or do not like it. More orchestral pieces, maybe something electronic. * **NEW OBJECTIVES:** I don't really have a suggestion on this one. But perhaps 1-3 objectives that spawn in the middle of lanes during the mid/late game designed to inspire players to interact? Nothing too game changing, but beneficial. Not expecting this though, but I've always thought that a roaming Objective would be really interesting. * ~~**NEW MAP:**~~ (This is never going to happen but we can pray.) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} TL;DR: What do you want added into LOL? I'm sure these additions would help the game feel fresh and bring in new players even.
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