Kindred Rework When?

{{champion:203}} I really feel like Kindred needs some serious buffs or some sort of rework. The way she's designed makes her one of the weakest champions in the game imo. Her Q can only jump over really thin walls, which hurts her because of how squishy she is, and often I'll try to Q over a wall and end up going nowhere and dying. Her passive is a really interesting concept, but it feels almost useless because the enemy team can see all your target monsters, and they are usually on their side of the map, making it very difficult and risky to go for them. If you want to target an enemy champ, you have to wait so long for them to actually be marked that a lot of times the opportunity is lost. Also her R feels very weird and situational, the fact that it applies to both enemies and allies makes it so that you kinda just have to hope they use all of their abilities while it's active, but if they know how to play around it, it's basically useless outside of very niche situations. Kindred overall just needs to get some more love, its been forever since they got a new skin, and the champ is very weird and frustrating to play.
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