The Tank Item Rework.

So,i would like to bring everyone's attention on how the tank item rework has left a lot of champions crippled,out of these 3 items{{item:3512}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3068}} 1.adaptive helm is complete garbage,it is mathematically impossible to get worth out of this item. 2.zz portal has reached one of the lowest buy rates in league of legends . 3.sunfire cape got gutted. I respect riot's effort on reworking sejuani zac rammus etc,and i agree that some of the reworks were succesfull leaving some of those champions with high winrates and playrates.But those are not the only champions in league of legends that build defensive items. All in all,the tank class has become more dull,with item diversity DROPPING despite the addition of new items in the defensive item pool. {{item:3065}} is the ONLY option for a first magic resist item on tanks. {{item:3143}} is the ONLY option for a lategame tank. The way things are heading buying {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} or going pretty much full damage/ap will be the only choice for toplane players.
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