The New Bot Lane

With the recent marksmen changes, the ADC role is in trouble for marksmen. They're no longer able to properly scale in the snowbally game LoL has developed into. They have a lot of issues, especially as brusiers and mages creep into bot lane in place of marksmen. ADCs are too squishy early, mid, and late game to be able to deal with any amount of burst damage. That's why they're the only lane that requires a support to be with them. The new champs in the bot lane have such harsh powerspikes (Irelia, anyone?), do too well with new items (Renekton and ER), or have crazy high base damages (Brand, Zyra, other mages) to have a health coexistence with marksmen. The point of marksmen is to have heavy mid to late game damage dealers, but with assassins taking over mid and jungle, and bruisers and mages moving into bot lane, ADCs can't get to the point where they actually become useful. Positioning was already ridiculously important on them, but now any misstep will get you dove, CCd, bursted, and killed before you can even cast a summoner spell. Marksmen were completely static bot lane because of how easy it is to pressure them out of lane. That's why Zyra, Brand, Lux, etc are popular solo queue picks as supports. They can't have a peaceful coexistence unless their survivability is upped heavily. They can't do that, though, as that defeats the point of an ADC: A full damage glass cannon that dishes out heavy damage from the back line and relies on good positioning and peel for survival. Zed could already oneshot a mispositioned ADC before, but now if a mage or bruiser sets them behind, they're just a free bag of gold if they're not under tower or surrounded by 2 players bodyguarding them. ADCs are the only champions in the game that can't maximize their damage while also increasing survivability. A bruiser can build AD+health items. Mages can build Zhonyas, Protobelt, Liandrys, Morellonomicon, just to name a few. ADCs only have Maw, Guardian Angel, and Black Cleaver, all three of which don't optimize their builds. Maw only gives resistance against magic, so it's useless against bruisers, GA has the same cool down as Flash, and Black Cleaver isn't as good for armor shred as Last Whisper items. Only a few champs can reliably use those items (MF, Lucian, mainly). While I agree marksmen needed a change, it was to their late game damage and how impactful they were overall. Nerfing their damage and scaling, then allowing for champs that can overpower them early into bot lane is just going to kill the entire role once people get out of their basic instinct of locking in a marksman in bot lane. If you're going to criticize me on any of this, have an actual argument. I'm not an amazing player, I admit, but that doesn't mean I don't understand how the game works and flows. Going on and posting my match history or rank doesn't disprove me, it shows you're unwilling to have a discussion so you try to invalidate points by saying "haha bronzie xd". We're all trying to improve the game, so let's not act like idiots.

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